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Translations for bidding documents, technical specifications, various certificates, drawings, reports and other materials come hand-in-hand with overseas projects and orders. Franchir specializes in translations of technical documents and manuals for plant construction and study reports for international cooperation projects into Japanese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and other languages.

We also handle legal translations bound for embassies, including family registers, graduation certificates, articles of incorporation, and certified copies of commercial registration.


Not all Japanese companies have a Human Resources Department that is very adept at English. When applying for a position in a Japanese company, you thus risk the chance of your cover letter and CV being immediately deleted or scrapped if written in English. Therefore, submitting your application in Japanese will give you a better chance of being noticed.

We explained how to write a traditional Japanese CV on our Useful Info page. If you are still concerned about translating your own CV or want to have your CV translated by a native Japanese translator, we at Franchir offer a Japanese CV translation service. We offer two kinds of services: CV translation and checking services.

1. CV translation service: From 10,000 yen (excl. tax)

One of our Japanese translators with experience in hiring and human resources will translate your English CV into Japanese, presenting your work experience and potential in a short, precise and understandable fashion. We also offer custom CV translations or translations into the traditional Japanese format (see our useful info page). (approx. 500 English words)

We also translate cover letters. Prices will vary based on the number of words. Please send your text to info@franchir-japan.co.jp for a free quotation and we'll send you back our estimate immediately.

2. CV checking service: 5,000 yen (excl. tax)
If you are concerned about imperfections in your Japanese translation of your CV, it is generally recommended to have it checked by a native Japanese speaker before submission. Send us your CV in English and Japanese, and we will send you back a free quotation.
In some cases, the format or wording of the original may be holding back your CV without your knowledge. We can help by spotting such hidden pitfalls, correcting them and improving the overall structure of your CV to help it sell your strengths with a straightforward message.

We also translate cover letters. Prices will vary based on the number of words. Please send your text to info@franchir-japan.co.jp for a free quotation and we'll send you back our estimate immediately.


Translation Process
from your inquiry and order to completion of services :

STEP 1 : Inquiry
The rates for our quotes are calculated based on word (or character) counts in the source document.
We will ask you for the application, desired delivery date, language and intended audience for the translation. Please let us know if you have any special requests in terms of translator experience or specialties.
If your document is not yet finished or is still being prepared, please give us its approximate length and we will provide you with an approximate quote and delivery time.
If there are figures or charts, we will format them. We will ask you what level of editing is required (DTP, CAD, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.).
STEP 2 : Order
Once we agree upon the quoted amount and delivery date, we will start translating your document.
We will select a translator (or translators, depending on volume) based on the content and delivery date, while also taking into account the translator's specialties and experience into account.
STEP 3 : Translation
We handle all schedule management. For larger translations or upon request, we can deliver in installments as sections are completed.
STEP 4 : Editing / Review
At this stage, we check the translation to make sure there are no omissions and that all the proper terminology is used.
We will handle any editing and printing as requested.
STEP 5 : Delivery
  We deliver the finished product either in data or printed form.

Translation Projects in 2011

JICA Reports :

  Fire-fighting equipment and vehicles improvement Project in Djibouti (Japanese to French)
Project for improving international port in Djibouti (Japanese to French)
Regional water supply project for Kayes, Segou and Mopti in Mali (Japanese to French)
Project to rebuild the bridge on Route No. 1 in Ethiopia (Japanese to English)
Curtailing soil degradation in regions of Senegal (Japanese to French)
Water resource training in Nigeria (Japanese to English)

Other documents :

WTO accession impact report for major industries / oil and gas
sector in Russia (Japanese to Russian)
Track manual (English to French)
Printer user's guide (English to Japanese)
Human resource development system (Japanese to English)
News releases (English to Japanese)
Financial analysis report (Japanese to English)
Articles of incorporation and registry (Japanese to French)

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