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Languages : French, Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Vietnamese, German, Azerbaijani, Lao, Uzbek, Serbo-Croatian, Ukrainian, Dari, Kyrgyz, Burmese, Dutch, Indonesian, Mongolian, chinese, etc.

For legal translations bound for the French Embassy, click here.
For legal translations bound for the Algerian Embassy, please contact us at :


We also handle the translation of certifications required for visa applications.
Please contact us at info@franchir-japan.co.jp for more informations.

Different embassies, schools and destinations will require different documentation. Please reconfirm what documents you need before making your request.

Basic rates for Certified Translations :

Document Name Price (tax- exclusive)
Individual record (extracted from family register) 4,000 yen
Family register
(complete record, additional 2,000 yen per person listed)
4,000 yen
(+2,000 yen)
Graduation / student registration certificate 4,000 yen
Certificate of remittance / letter of guarantee / personal identification 4,000 yen
Certificate of residence (additional 2,000 yen per person listed) 4,000 yen
(+2,000 yen)
Marriage / divorce certificate 4,000 yen
Academic transcripts
(Additional charges may apply depending on content)
6,000 yen
Additional charge for multiple copies of the same document 500 yen
Other documents: company registry, articles of incorporation,bank balance certificate, resume/CV, statement of purpose, certificate of expected graduation, recommendation letters, certificate of insurance coverage, tax payment certificate, statement of earnings, certificate of employment, income tax return, death certificate, balance sheets, chef's license, nurse's license, etc. Please ask

How To Order ?

First, contact us by phone or e-mail and we will send you a quote/translation request form. Alternately, if you fill out a translation request form first, we will contact you.
(Click here for our translation request form.)

If necessary, we will give you a quote.
Please transfer your payment.
Once you have filled out the request form, please attach the documents to be translated and a statement from the transfer and send it to us by fax, e-mail or regular mail.
  Once the documents arrive, we will send out your translation within 4 business days via regular mail.

Notes :

Original copies of the documents are necessary for translation.
Please provide readings for all Japanese names ( kana ), including organization and school heads.(Please provide this information on a photocopy, and not on the original document.)
  Payments are nonrefundable. Please check that that the amount is correct before sending.

Please make payments to :

Mizuho Bank, Ikebukuro Branch
Account No. 1585937

Contact info :

Franchir Co., Ltd.
TEL : +81-3-6908-3671
E-mail : info@franchir-japan.co.jp
(Business hours : M-F, 9:30am - 5:30pm)

Franchir Co., Ltd
4-19-27, Mejiro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
171-0031 Japan
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